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Jurgen Kieslich Architects

Many years and numerous clients later, I’m still baffled and awestruck by Michelle. She always offers exceedingly good service with excellent, considered advice to clients, that takes into account their needs. She comes back timeously, again and again, with quotations and options. Should anything go wrong, she’s there to sort it out in an instant. To top it off, she does this all with a smile and whole-hearted, passionate energy that is frankly beyond admirable. Michelle, you must be an alien, there’s no other explanation!

DV8 Architects

Michelle from Projispec has always provided us with professional, prompt service with a personal touch.

Lennnard & Lennard

Michelle has given our architectural company excellent service for over ten  years. She has a great eye for the style we favour, she offers a very  efficient service and is always available to help out in an emergency. Her product knowledge is excellent and she has enormous  enthusiasm for her work. The best part is she is really fun to work with and is always HAPPY ( :

Kind Regards
Sue Lennard

Shower Glass

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Michelle who has always been enthusiastic and pleasant.
We were moving home and doing renovations at the new property and Michelle understood the stress and the urgency and simply made things happen.

Alison Smith, Camps Bay

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For general information please contact us: